Managing Options in Web UI Worksheets

What options can be selected in the Web UI for each worksheet?

Options Available in Web UI Worksheets

On the Web UI for each worksheet, users have the ability to select various options to customize their working environment:
  • Role: Users can choose a specific role that defines their permissions and access level within the worksheet.
  • Virtual Warehouse: This option allows users to select a virtual warehouse that provides them with compute resources for their operations.
  • User: Admins have the ability to select specific users to define their roles and permissions within the worksheet.
  • Table: Users can select tables within the database to work with and manipulate data.
  • Schema: This option enables users to choose the data structure/schema within which they will be working.
  • Database: Users can select the specific database within which they will be operating.

These options allow users to customize their working environment, define their access levels, and set up the necessary resources for their tasks within the worksheet.

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