Unified Communications Administrator Implementation: Cisco IM and Presence

What services are supported for users in IM-only user mode for Cisco IM and Presence?

1) video calls support
2) third-party XMPP client support
3) presence support
4) Microsoft Lync support
5) Microsoft Office Communicator support
6) instant messaging support


In IM-only user mode on Cisco IM and Presence, users are supported with third-party XMPP client support, presence support, and instant messaging support. Video calls, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Office Communicator are not supported in this mode.

When a Cisco Unified Communications administrator wants to implement Cisco IM and Presence in IM-only user mode, there are specific services that are supported. The mode allows for integration with a unified communications infrastructure, focusing on instant messaging and presence information without additional services such as voice and video. In IM-only user mode, the following three services are supported:

- Third-party XMPP client support: This enables users to communicate with external XMPP clients, enhancing connectivity and collaboration.

- Presence support: Users can view the availability status of their contacts, allowing for efficient communication and decision-making.

- Instant messaging support: Users can exchange messages in real-time, promoting quick communication and information sharing within the organization.

It is important to note that video call support, Microsoft Lync support, and Microsoft Office Communicator support are not included in the IM-only user mode as these services typically require full UC integration.

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