AJAX Request and Server Response in Web Development

What does a server send back when it answers an AJAX request?

Options: JSON, XML, HTML, plain text


When a server answers an AJAX request, it sends back a response that can be in the form of JSON, XML, HTML, or plain text. JSON is the most commonly used format.

When a server responds to an AJAX request in web development, it sends back a specific type of data called a response. This response can come in different formats, including JSON, XML, HTML, or plain text. Among these options, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is frequently used due to its simplicity and compatibility with JavaScript.

The AJAX response from the server is crucial for updating web content dynamically without the need to reload the entire page. This asynchronous process enhances user experience by making the website more responsive and interactive. JavaScript plays a vital role in managing the exchange of requests and responses between the user's browser and the server in an AJAX scenario.

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