Converting Project Tasks into Milestones

How can you convert a project task into a milestone?

Converting Project Tasks into Milestones

In most project management tools, tasks can be converted into milestones. This can be done by manually marking a task as a milestone or using a specific 'Convert to Milestone' command, if available.

Option C is generally inaccurate, and D is unrelated to conversion.


In project management software, converting a project task into a milestone can typically be done. A milestone represents a significant point or event in the project, and the means by which you convert a task into a milestone can depend on the specific project management tool you are using.

If the software provides functionality, you would generally:

  • Manually mark the task as a milestone using options within the project task detail window or related links.
  • Right-click on the task in the Project Console (if your tool has this feature), and select “Convert to Milestone” or a similarly named option.
  • Adjust the task properties so that it meets the criteria for a milestone, which could involve certain dates alignments or progress criteria depending on the system's definition of a milestone.

Based on the options provided:

  • A. YES, manually mark the task as a milestone using Related Links seems like a valid method in some systems.
  • B. YES, right-click on task in Project Console, and select “Convert to Milestone” could also be correct in certain project management tools.
  • C. NO, Project Tasks cannot be converted into Milestones is generally not accurate, as most project management tools do support this feature.
  • D. YES, Planned start date should be the same as Actual end date is not related to the direct conversion of a task to a milestone.
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