Relationship Between Hintalo Sandstone and Various Geologic Periods

What period is Hintalo sandstone associated with?

A. Jurassic

B. Permian

C. Cambrian

D. Cretaceous

E. Triassic


A. Jurassic

Hintalo sandstone is associated with the Jurassic period. This rock type is primarily found in deposits from the Jurassic era, which occurred approximately 201 to 145 million years ago. The Jurassic period is known for the dominance of dinosaurs and the early appearance of birds, as well as significant geological changes.

Geologists study Hintalo sandstone to understand the environmental conditions and geological processes that were present during the Jurassic period. By analyzing the composition and structure of the sandstone, researchers can gain insights into ancient climates, landscapes, and the evolution of life on Earth during that time.

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