Can Pewter Pitchers Be Used for Storing Beverages?

Can pewter pitchers be used for storing beverages?

Is it safe to store beverages in pewter pitchers?


No, it is not safe to store beverages in pewter pitchers, especially those containing high acid levels.

Pewter pitchers are traditionally used for holding and pouring liquids, such as water, tea, or wine. However, they are not suitable for storing beverages like lemonade or fruit juice due to their high acid content.

Pewter pitchers are handcrafted containers made from materials like pewter, copper, zinc, and galvanized substances. These materials are not food grade and can react with high acid liquids, posing a health risk.

It's important to use food-safe containers made from materials like glass, stainless steel, or food-grade plastics when storing acidic beverages. These materials are non-reactive and safe for food storage.

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