An Inspirational Journey into Hypothesis Testing

What are the null hypothesis and the directional alternative hypothesis in the given investigation?

What is the null hypothesis and what is the Directional alternative hypothesis.


The null hypothesis in this investigation is that there is no statistically significant difference in the ability to remember a football score between people who watch football regularly and people who never watch football. On the other hand, the directional alternative hypothesis (HA) states that there is a difference in the ability to remember a football score between these two groups of people.

Understanding the Hypotheses:

In hypothesis testing, the null hypothesis (H0) is a statement that assumes no significant difference or relationship exists between variables being studied. It serves as the default position that there is no real effect or relationship in the population. On the other hand, the alternative hypothesis (Ha or H1) is a statement that contradicts the null hypothesis and suggests that there is a significant effect or relationship present.

In this case, the null hypothesis assumes no difference in the ability to recall a football score between regular football viewers and non-viewers. The directional alternative hypothesis challenges this by proposing that there is indeed a difference between these two groups.

By setting up the directional alternative hypothesis in this way, the researchers aim to investigate and test if there is a clear and significant distinction in the memory abilities of individuals based on their football viewing habits. This approach allows for a focused examination of the specific relationship between football watching behavior and memory retention of football scores.

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