How to Divide Two Apples Equally Among Three People?


Three people want to share two apples equally. How can you handle this with using only one stroke of the knife?


To divide two apples equally among three people with one stroke of the knife, stack one half of an apple on top of the other and cut through both halves. Each person will receive one-third of an apple.

When facing the challenge of dividing two apples among three people with just one slice of the knife, creativity is key. By thinking outside the box, we can come up with innovative solutions to ensure fairness in sharing.

One effective method is to take one apple and cut it in half, creating two equal parts. Then, carefully stack one half on top of the other, aligning them perfectly. With precision, make a single cut through both halves with the knife.

This clever technique results in three equal portions, with each person receiving their fair share of one-third of an apple. By stacking the apple halves before cutting, we guarantee an equal division without the need for additional slices.

Remember, when faced with a challenge like dividing two apples among three individuals, thinking creatively can lead to equitable solutions. This method showcases how a simple adjustment in approach can result in fair distribution of resources.

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