Puerto Rican Legends: El Pozo de Jacinto and La Garita del Diablo

What are the differences between El Pozo de Jacinto and La Garita del Diablo?

Explore the legends and uncover the unique aspects of each Puerto Rican folklore.


The difference between El Pozo de Jacinto and La Garita del Diablo lies in the supernatural elements and manifestations present in each legend. While El Pozo de Jacinto requires individuals to say "Jacinto, dame la vaca" to evoke a response from the spirit of Jacinto, leading to agitated waters, La Garita del Diablo involves the mysterious disappearance of soldiers on guard duty and the sightings of spectral figures.

Delving into Puerto Rican Folklore: El Pozo de Jacinto and La Garita del Diablo

Puerto Rico is steeped in folklore and legends that have been passed down through generations. Two prominent tales that continue to captivate the imagination of locals and visitors alike are El Pozo de Jacinto and La Garita del Diablo.

El Pozo de Jacinto: The legend of El Pozo de Jacinto revolves around a man named Jacinto, whose unethical actions led to the tragic event of a cow pulling him into a well. According to the story, anyone who approaches the well and calls out "Jacinto, dame la vaca" will incite a supernatural response from Jacinto's spirit, causing the water to rise and soak the individual. This legend showcases the consequences of dishonesty and greed in a cautionary tale with a supernatural twist.

La Garita del Diablo: In contrast, La Garita del Diablo recounts the eerie tale of a remote sentry post in Old San Juan where a soldier named Sánchez, also known as Flor de Azahar, mysteriously vanished. Despite the nightly ritual of calling out "centinela alerta" and expecting a response of "alerta está," Sánchez's sudden disappearance sparked rumors of supernatural occurrences. The legend suggests that any soldier guarding the post may vanish without a trace, with reports of ghostly sightings in the vicinity during the night. This tale adds a chilling element of mystery and suspense to Puerto Rican folklore.

These legends serve as cultural touchstones that reflect the beliefs, values, and superstitions of the Puerto Rican people. Through storytelling and oral traditions, these captivating narratives continue to intrigue audiences and contribute to the rich tapestry of Puerto Rican heritage.

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