The Use of "Not a Peep. Ni a palabra!" in a Passage

What is the significance of the phrase "Not a peep. Ni a palabra!" in this passage?

Why does the author choose to use this specific phrase in the dialogue?


The phrase "Not a peep. Ni a palabra!" highlights the importance of silence and secrecy in the conversation between the characters.

In this passage, the use of the phrase "Not a peep. Ni a palabra!" emphasizes the need for quiet and discretion in the interaction between the characters. By repeating this phrase, the author underscores the significance of keeping information confidential and not revealing any details.

Sancho's response to Bolsa with the same phrase further adds to the suspense and mystery of the dialogue. It creates a sense of intrigue and anticipation for the reader, inviting them to speculate on the underlying secrets being withheld.

Overall, the choice of this specific phrase adds depth to the conversation and enhances the dramatic tension in the passage.

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